Grace has flat shoes

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see

Grace has flat shoes
So she can be first on the scene
When someone is hurting
Quick and steady down corridors
On toes ready
To switch and swerve as the day changes
As heart rates and blood pressure vary
Grace runs fast
Like a river
Beside the river
Flows like a river
Brings life
Changes the colour of the scene
The city
The city would not survive without her

Grace rocks the high heels too
The ball gowns and suits
First and last to party
The night away
The night away
Because her feet dance the light in
When fear closes in
Grace keeps the doom, the gloom at bay
Grace is deeper than she seems
A well of unexpected kindnesses
Poured out to those that need
ALL that need
No fences erected here
Grace is a gift

Sometimes… her feet might
Ache or blister or bleed
Because she doesn’t stop moving
Even when she’s tired
She keeps on giving
A diagnosis, a prognosis
A pat, a nod, a look in the eye

Because Grace walks for miles in other people’s shoes
She has seen the best and the worst of the world
Within four walls, a curtain, a fluorescent beam
She keeps on keeps on despite her feelings
This glorious and broken world only sees the iceburg tip of her strength

And Grace is an army of feet
Grace is all of you here
Invisible heroes of the midnight hour
The ones for which this poem cheers

a poem for my sister, Grace, who is a junior doctor and for all those working hard in the NHS caring for people

Poetry set at El Geebee Tea Queue Festival

I’m performing at the El Geebee Tea Queue Festival at Junkyard Dogs on Saturday 21 – Sunday 22 April.

I’ll be sharing a poetry set at 4.45pm on the Sunday. There’s a really fabulous lineup of music, poetry, comedy and more by local artists – in one of my favourite Brighton venues!

More details on Eventbrite or Facebook.

Individual Medley at Swindon Fringe

I had a super time at Swindon Fringe Festival on Saturday, sharing Individual Medley with a warm and responsive audience in the spacious Phoenix Theatre at New College.

Here’s a nice review of the show from the Swindon Advertiser, and below are some comments from the audience.

Katrina Quinn at Swindon Fringe Festival

Poetry and Movement in Mumbai

In March I spent just over a week in Mumbai, to teach some creative movement workshops with my friends from Movement in Worship and The Arts Collective Mumbai.

It was great to explore the city, eat good food and meet some inspiring people.

Here’s a video from the kid’s workshop we did, exhausting but lots of fun!


I wrote a poem while I was there too.  Spirituality has always been a big part of my writing journey. Even when I have questions and doubts (which is often), picking up a pen or moving my body helps me feel more connected and more hopeful.

Individual Medley @ Hove Grown & Swinge

IM A5 flyer back-hovegrown

So I’m swimming back on stage this year, first of all in Brighton as part of the (Brighton and) Hove Grown Festival, on 24 March 7.30pm at the Maydays’ Studio.

Then secondly at Swindon Fringe (also known as Swinge) on Saturday 7 April 2.30pm at Phoenix Theatre. There I’ll be followed by BearDog’s show Sealfie which looks beautiful.

I’ve spent some time tightening up the show with the lovely Lauren Gauge recently which was fun. And continuing to explore ideas, so I’m excited to see where it all goes this year!

“Individual Medley” returns to Brighton

I teamed up with Share Your Story and Tick Tock Bridget to present an evening of “Stories on the Move” – and bring my solo show back to Brighton. It was great to perform to friends who’d missed seeing at Brighton Fringe, to share it in a different (bigger) space, and notice how it’s developed and changed in the last few months.

Tick Tock Bridget performed their dance piece, “Rejoining Jane”, which brought laughter, funky moves and whimsical music to the scene, and we shared a Q&A session afterwards about creative process. A lovely night and hopefully the start of more collaborations!


Photos from Rosie Powell

Poet in residence: Southampton

I had the privilege of being ‘Poet in Residence’ at a gathering of around 100 people from across the South of England. All of them were involved in different ways in local community projects, changing their part of the world for the better. My task was to listen, learn, ask questions, and write and perform a poem summing up the less-than-24-hours they had together. DREAM JOB I tell you! 🙂


There was plenty of inspiration in that short amount of time and I loved hearing people’s stories and motivations and also about the challenges they face. I hope my poem was an encouragement to them all!

“Thank you for your stunning contribution to the two days.  The poems were so beautiful and poignant”

I also shared my “Resurrection” poem [listen on Soundcloud] with the group, as it tied in to their ethos and some of the conversations that were going on.

Tearfund Poetry Competion Winner!

For National Poetry Day, the theme of which was freedom, I wrote and submitted a poem to the charity Tearfund’s competition. And won!

Read the poem, ‘Dusty Wings’, and watch a video of the Tearfund team reading it out.

“You have a truly unique voice, and you navigate the subject with intelligence, creativity and beauty. There’s a delightfully whimsical quality to the poem that is nevertheless incredibly powerful, building to a genuinely emotional crescendo in the last stanza.”
(Gideon Heugh, competition judge)