Katrina Quinn

Katrina has moved house more than 20 times.

She’s collected many friends, poems, stories, photographs and dance moves along the way.

Home is currently Shoreham-by-sea, just along the coast from Brighton where she first started performing poems in 2006 (while studying Anthropology and Spanish!).

Katrina’s work has a strong sense of rhythm, shared with energy, passion and sensitivity. She writes often about belonging, spirituality and connection, inspired by true life stories.

She was recently a Callaloo Fellow for Creative Non-Fiction, part of the Writers’ Place Poets at New Writing South, and is currently one of the team running the Pier Poets Open Mic in Brighton.

Her debut show, Individual Medley, recently completed a run at Edinburgh Fringe.

“It’s exciting to watch someone whose poetry has such muscle power and who can communicate a strong personal presence. A poet no one is going to mess with, in other words”
Heathcote Williams

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Wednesday 14th November: Featured poet @ Eastbourne Poetry Cafe, The Vinyl Frontier

Saturday 17th November (afternoon): Writing and Movement Workshop, Colchester

Saturday 17th November (evening): Individual Medley, ‘kitchen performance’, Colchester

Thursday 22nd November: Poetry @ Piston Broke, Shoreham-by-sea

Friday 7th December: Hosting & Poetry @ Pier Poets, Brighton

Monday 31st December: Poetry set @ Smoking Dragon Festival, Drakensberg, South Africa


2nd Nov 2018: Poetry set @ Hickory Signals’ Album Launch, Shoreham-by-sea
October 2018: Interview with Cast Iron Theatre Podcast (LISTEN HERE)
26th Sept 2018: “Pursuing Your Passions” talk @ Share Your Story (LISTEN TO RECORDING)
6th-19th Aug 2018: Solo show: Individual Medley @ Sweet Venues for Edinburgh Fringe
6th-19th Aug 2018: Fringe Features at She Grrrowls, Tales of Whatever, Dear Diary
6th July 2018: Writer’s Place Poets’ Showcase @ New Writing South, Brighton
27th May 2018: Children & Family Poetry Set @ Elderflowerfields Festival
22nd April 2018: Poetry set @ El Geebee Tea Queue Festival (Junkyard Dogs)
7th April 2018: Individual Medley @ Swindon Fringe Festival (Phoenix Theatre) READ THE REVIEW
25th March 2018: Individual Medley @ Hove Grown New Writing Festival
24th March 2018: Poetry set @ Hickory Signals Presents FACEBOOK VIDEO
15th – 18th March 2018: Creative Movement Workshops @ Mumbai WATCH A VIDEO
14th January 2018: Poetry set @ El Geebee Tea Queue (The Brunswick)

December 2017: Poetry set @ Where did you sleep last night? (Junkyard Dogs)
October 2017: Poetry residency for Seedbed Foundation
July 2017: Callaloo Workshops Fellowship (Oxford University)
July 2017: Individual Medley @ Penzance Literary Festival
May 2017: Individual Medley @ Brighton Fringe

“Thank you for your stunning contribution to the two days.  The poems were so beautiful and poignant”
Residency Organiser
“Thank you so much for your poems last night. You were once again bloody brilliant!”
Hickory Signals
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Nine Lives: a collection of poems inspired by places and people over the past decade.
£6.50 including postage, get in touch if you’d like a copy.


Sacred Spaces (non-fiction, published on Ruminate Blog)

“Dusty Wings” – Tearfund competition winning poem for National Poetry Day 2017 (video)

Grace has flat shoes (text)

Breathe Out Peace (SoundCloud)

Resurrection (text)

“If I Met A Cocoa Farmer” – Divine Chocolate competion winner (video)

“Audacious Expression” (video)

“Brighton” (video)

“Revolution” (video)

You have a truly unique voice, and you navigate the subject with intelligence, creativity and beauty. There’s a delightfully whimsical quality to the poem that is nevertheless incredibly powerful, building to a genuinely emotional crescendo in the last stanza.”
Gideon Heugh, Tearfund competition judge