Just Katrina

Katrina has moved house more than 20 times.

She’s collected many friends, poems, stories, photographs and dance moves along the way.

Home is currently Shoreham-by-sea, just along the coast from Brighton where she first started performing poems more than 15 years ago (while studying Anthropology and Spanish!).

Katrina’s work has a strong sense of rhythm, shared with energy, passion and sensitivity. She writes often about belonging, spirituality and connection, inspired by true life stories.

Her debut show, Individual Medley toured nationally 2017-2019.

Katrina hosts a new monthly night, Kollab, in Shoreham.

Follow Katrina on Instagram for sea photos, living room dancing, and the occassional poem!

“It’s exciting to watch someone whose poetry has such muscle power and who can communicate a strong personal presence. A poet no one is going to mess with, in other words”
Heathcote Williams
Panel 1


Sacred Spaces (non-fiction, published on Ruminate Blog)

“Dusty Wings” – Tearfund competition winning poem for National Poetry Day 2017 (video)

Grace has flat shoes (text and video)

“If I Met A Cocoa Farmer” – Divine Chocolate competion winner (video)

“Audacious Expression” (video)

“Brighton” (video)

“Revolution” (video)

“Katrina’s sensuous blend of spoken word, music and movement is enchanting. Her performance style is delicate, playful, yet ready and willing to dive into deeper waters of vulnerability and grief, holding the audience safely the whole time. Artful and authentic – a rare mix.”

Amelia Armande, Step Up Comission
Panel 2


May Bumper Kollab!
Saturday 20th May, Verda, Shoreham-by-sea – Tickets

June Kollab
Sunday 25th June, Shoreham-by-Sea


Family Poetry Workshop Facilitator
The National Gallery, London; Jersey Heritage

Hosting and Performing
Kollab, Shoreham Wordfest, Pier Poets

Poet in Residence
TROPE Brighton, Seedbed Foundation

Touring Individual Medley Show
Ventnor Fringe, Theatre Peckham, The Warren (Brighton Fringe), Camden People’s Theatre, Sweet Venues (Edinburgh Fringe), Phoenix Theatre (Swindon Fringe), Penzance Literary Festival

Poetry Sets
Laughin Labia, She Grrrowls, Smoking Dragon (South Africa), Eastbourne Poetry Cafe, Elderflower Fields, El Geebee Tea Queue Festival, Hickory Signals Presents, Farrago, Hammer & Tongue

Interview with Cast Iron Theatre Podcast (LISTEN HERE)
“Pursuing Your Passions” talk @ Share Your Story (LISTEN TO RECORDING)

Learning communities
Callaloo Workshops Fellowship (Oxford University)
Writers Place Poets (New Writing South)
Autobiographical Theatre Making (Bryony Kimmings)

“Thank you for your stunning contribution to the two days.  The poems were so beautiful and poignant”
Residency Organiser
“Thank you so much for your poems last night. You were once again bloody brilliant!”
Hickory Signals
Panel 3


email: katrinabysea at gmail dot come
instagram: @katrinaswords
facebook: /katrinaswords

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I offer performances, bespoke poems, workshops and facilitation. I’m happy to travel. Please get in touch if you’d like to work together.

“Good stuff: The techniques you used to scaffold and support each one of us to start and continue to be creative. You were very sensitive to each person and took time to include and build up everyone”
(Workshop feedback)