Nine Lives: a collection of poems inspired by places and people over the past decade.

£6.50 including postage, get in touch if you’d like a copy.


Mother Earth (video)

Does It Make You Broody? (video)

Sacred Spaces (non-fiction, published on Ruminate Blog)

“Dusty Wings” – Tearfund competition winning poem for National Poetry Day 2017 (video)

Grace has flat shoes (text and video)

Breathe Out Peace (SoundCloud)

“If I Met A Cocoa Farmer” – Divine Chocolate competion winner (video)

“Audacious Expression” (video)

“Brighton” (video)

“Revolution” (video)


You have a truly unique voice, and you navigate the subject with intelligence, creativity and beauty. There’s a delightfully whimsical quality to the poem that is nevertheless incredibly powerful, building to a genuinely emotional crescendo in the last stanza.”
Gideon Heugh, Tearfund competition judge