Poet in residence: Southampton

I had the privilege of being ‘Poet in Residence’ at a gathering of around 100 people from across the South of England. All of them were involved in different ways in local community projects, changing their part of the world for the better. My task was to listen, learn, ask questions, and write and perform a poem summing up the less-than-24-hours they had together. DREAM JOB I tell you! 🙂


There was plenty of inspiration in that short amount of time and I loved hearing people’s stories and motivations and also about the challenges they face. I hope my poem was an encouragement to them all!

“Thank you for your stunning contribution to the two days.  The poems were so beautiful and poignant”

I also shared my “Resurrection” poem [listen on Soundcloud] with the group, as it tied in to their ethos and some of the conversations that were going on.

Tearfund Poetry Competion Winner!

For National Poetry Day, the theme of which was freedom, I wrote and submitted a poem to the charity Tearfund’s competition. And won!

Read the poem, ‘Dusty Wings’, and watch a video of the Tearfund team reading it out.

“You have a truly unique voice, and you navigate the subject with intelligence, creativity and beauty. There’s a delightfully whimsical quality to the poem that is nevertheless incredibly powerful, building to a genuinely emotional crescendo in the last stanza.”
(Gideon Heugh, competition judge)