Monday 6th – Sunday 19th August 11.55am: Individual Medley @ Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Tuesday 7th & Tuesday 14th August 10pm: Dear Diary, Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh)

Wednesday 8th August 9pm: Storytelling @ Tales of Whatever, Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh)

Thursday 16th August 11.20pm: Poetry Set @ She Grrrowls, Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh)


6th July 2018: Writer’s Place Poets’ Showcase @ New Writing South, Brighton
27th May 2018: Children & Family Poetry Set @ Elderflowerfields Festival
22nd April 2018: Poetry set @ El Geebee Tea Queue Festival (Junkyard Dogs)
7th April 2018: Individual Medley @ Swindon Fringe Festival (Phoenix Theatre) READ THE REVIEW!
25th March 2018: Individual Medley @ Hove Grown New Writing Festival (Maydays Studio)
24th March 2018: Poetry set @ Hickory Signals Presents (West Street Lofts) FACEBOOK VIDEO
15th – 18th March 2018: Creative Movement Workshops @ Mumbai WATCH A VIDEO
14th January 2018: Poetry set @ El Geebee Tea Queue (The Brunswick)

December 2017: Poetry set @ Where did you sleep last night? (Junkyard Dogs)
October 2017: Poetry residency for Seedbed Foundation
July 2017: Callaloo Workshops Fellowship (Oxford University)
July 2017: Individual Medley @ Penzance Literary Festival
May 2017: Individual Medley @ Brighton Fringe

“Thank you for your stunning contribution to the two days.  The poems were so beautiful and poignant”
Residency Organiser